Monday, November 22, 2010

Kami - November

Bridal bouquet

Groom's boutonniere

Father's boutonniere
Mother's/Grandmother's corsage
Groomsman/Grandfather's boutonniere

Bridesmaid's corsage

Toss bouquet



Guest Sign-in Table

Shout Out

Before I go into yet another cousin's lovely wedding post, I have to give a shout out to my friend, Megan, who has helped me with almost every single wedding I've done in the past 2 years. She's my little apprentice and has even tried her hand at boutonnieres for the past few weddings and has done an amazing job! She and my dad/brothers/boyfriends/cousins/whoever we can get our hands on have helped deliver, set up, and take down the weddings. I don't think she's missed one from beginning to end since I started.

Which leads me to my next shout out - my mom and dad. My mom who begs to help and puts together bouquets for me when I need an extra set of hands, who stays up late into the wee hours making sure I get at least an hour of sleep, who will clean and prep flowers, and who sweeps under my feet as I work. And my dad, who will drop everything and load up his truck, haul rocks, hold bouquets, take pictures, fill vases, and take things down when I'm so tired I can hardly stand up on my swollen little cankles any more!

And of course, to every member of my family and extended family who has helped carry things in from the cars, or set up centerpieces, or stayed up late keeping me entertained, or found wedding parties to pin corsages and boutonniers on while I'm handing out bouquets.

HUGE shout out to all of you and your wonderful selfless help! I couldn't do any of this without you!!

Julie - July (reception)

As promised (though a smidgen later than planned) the pictures from Aaron and Julie's Las Vegas Reception. Her bouquet was the same, so I didn't take duplicate pictures of it.
Guest sign-in table
Walkway to Reception
Food Serving Tables